Tiger Beer -Chinese New Year Pot Luck in NYC

Last Saturday in NYC I was lucky enough to score an invite to my friends Jackie and Ken’s Chinese New Year Pot Luck. ( @divathatateny & @hungryrabbit on Twitter )

I brought along my friend Ali @alisonpaterson5 and we cooked up a storm Friday night and Saturday morning to bring a Vietnamese Noodle Salad and my Australasian Pulled Chicken Curry.

The event was sponsored by Tiger Beer USA and was such an awesome time.
We were so happy and full!
Oh my lordy…. So hard to pick a favorite but here are some pics below from the event!

My best friend Alison and I enjoying the day and of course, all the amazing food!

The amazing spread starting to fill up the tables. There was so much food, it was hard not to dig in and try things straight away!!!

These dumplings by @savorysweetlife were so good. I had 3 helpings. Whooops!
Vietnamese Shrimp and Pork Belly made by Ian

Ali and I LOVED this Vietnamese Chicken Salad made by Sekita @KikaEats

One of our big mistakes was not getting in quick enough to try one of these Hoisin Chicken Sliders with Asian Slaw made by Lynne at Chefs To Dine For

Love Maggy from @threemanycooks and also REALLY loved her Chinese Honey Walnut Shrimp. Who would have thought Mayo and Shrimp would be SO DAMN GOOD!

I heard many people talking about these wings on twitter during and after the event but they were truly UNREAL!!!! Boneless and STUFFED!!! Hello. I am in love. Made by @aprilsomboun from Sophisticated Palette. Bravo woman. Come to my house ANYTIME.
Laotian Deep Fried & Stuffed Chicken Wings

I made a slow cooked Australasian Chicken Curry flavored with star anise, Keen’s Curry powder from Australia and coconut milk.
Ali made a Vietnamese Noodle Salad with mint, cilantro, snow peas, cucumber and red peppers with chewy delicious bean thread noodles.

Thank you again to TIGER BEER and to Jackie and Ken for having us! We had a blast.