Stuffing my face @ The Lobster Place

I was lucky enough today to have a casting right across the street from the Chelsea Market, so I thought why not treat myself to a Lobster Roll + lunch at The Lobster Place
I ordered the freshly made Lobster Roll that came with crinkle cut potato chips, coleslaw and lemon wedge.
Also tried some scallop and bacon chowder and washed this all down with a Maine Root Sarsaparilla.

First off the Chowder.
The scallops were clean and slightly briney in flavor mixed with small pieces of smokey bacon and a creamy and velvety chowder base with small pieces of diced potatoes.
The chowder was rich and well flavored and I am definitely going to go and try some of their other options soon. ( Today they also had Manhattan and Maine Clam Chowders, Spicy Shrimp and Black Bean and Lobster Bisque )

Now the main event! The lobster roll was packed with fresh meat and the bun was perfectly crispy toasted. The lobster meat itself was so fresh and had the perfect bite to it’s enormous chunks. Finished with a creamy slather of mayo and some fresh chives.

It was fresh and flavorful and I did not want my sandwich to end!

I will be back for sure and will be taking my live in lobster lover ….. :)

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