WalkAbout: Meat & Potatoes brunch in Pittsburgh PA

So last weekend, Kit and I flew to Pittsburgh PA for the wedding of our very good friends, Heather and Ryan. We made a very quick trip from NYC, so we only had time for one meal and it was Brunch on Saturday.
I had sent out a tweet with a "Foodies in Pittsburgh please help" plea and I almost immediately got a response from @kristin_vstpgh, who reccommended a new Gastro Pub downtown.
Once I had a look at the menu for Meat and Potatoes (located at 649 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222), I knew I wanted to try it.
Confit potatoes and short rib hash. Hello. You had me at Meat and Potatoes.

The space is in a really commercial area with lots of huge buildings and Pittsburgh’s downtown, theater district.
I think that’s what always get’s me when I travel outside of NY, everything is SO much bigger.
The decor is industrial, modern and had lots of wood and metal fixings.

Our waiter, was so helpful and made us feel right at home.
Apparently they had just started their brunch service a week or two prior to our visit yet they were right on track. Fantastic food, great service and did I mention a Bloody Mary bar. Yes. Please.

First up, the Bloody bar. I love making my own bloody mary. I like it spicy. I love unique mix-ins like pink peppercorns, ginger and a good selection of hot sauces, so I was in heaven. And let’s talk about the fact that we were offered infused vodka, gin or tequila. Kit and I chose the Bacon Vodka but they also had dill & celery Gin, and another selection of infused liquors.
Here is their mix-in selection at the bar:

I used Sriacha, lime, chilli flakes, capers, celery and a little skewer of tomato and pickles.

For brunch I had to go with the Short Rib Hash w/ Poached egg & horseradish hollandaise.

The eggs were perfect for me. Almost cooked medium, so the yolks were just runny. The hash was so rich and flavorful and was mixed through with potatoes and the melting slightly spicy hollandaise. My friend Lissa and I both ordered this dish and we both spent most of our meal "oohing and ahhhing" over how good it was. Rich and completely decadent for a brunch meal.

Kit ordered the Brisket & Eggs - w/ Coffee BBQ / confit potato / farm egg.

Those little baby potatoes were so good. I also loved the chocolatey/coffee BBQ brisket. The earthiness of chocolate and coffee with meat is a big hit for me. Then you have a slight sweetness which just caps it all off.

Our friend Davis got the Pub Burger - Pastrami belly / horseradish cheddar /fried farm egg
Ah Pastrami belly!

Being an Aussie where a fried egg on a burger is standard, you know I was all about this. And pastrami belly. YUM.

For foodies in the Pittsburgh area, I would definitely try this place. If their brunch was this good two weeks into service, I can only imagine what dinner would be like.
The menu looks AHHHmazing. Hello. Hot dog with Foie Gras.

Thanks Meat and Potatoes for the fantastic rainy day brunch. Next time I am in Pittsburgh, I shall be back.

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